Set Up an Online Store and Accept Bitcoin, Credit Cards, and PayPal Today


Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform. You can use Shopify to sell anything online, and easily accept credit cards, Paypal, and Bitcoin.

Shopify gives you the ability to design your entire website via their online tools, or integrate their shopping cart into your own custom web design. You can have a web store with a professional look and full payment processing before you know it.

Shopify also has a host of apps that extend your business reach. For example, their Facebook integration allows you to sell your products (or gift cards) directly from your business’ Facebook page! Or set up coupon codes to reward loyal customers. Or set up an affiliate program to reward those who refer new customers to your store. The list goes on…

Shopify Ecommerce


Shopify also offers point of sale hardware, software, and mobile solutions. The Shopify POS system automatically synchronizes your online and in-store sales and inventory. And Shopify has partnerships with dozens of payment processors to meet your needs, so you can begin to accept Bitcoin, credit cards and PayPal in minutes.

Shopify makes it easy to incorporate Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into a shopping cart solution that also provides the credit card options everyone expects. You can even offer Bitcoin payments at the point of sale in your physical location, with payment processors handling the exchange for you.

Bitcoin offers many advantages to merchants compared to other online payment solutions. There are no fees for accepting cryptocurrency, and there are no chargebacks to worry about.

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